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Getting Mold Testing and Inspection

Living in a mold- infested house can be very uncomfortable. Not only is it uncomfortable, but the thriving mold also poses numerous health risks. If you have any reason to suspect mold growth in your house in Houston, it is of uttermost importance that you contact a professional mold inspector soonest possible. That way, you will know with certainty whether or not there is mold growing in your house, and how best to deal with the problem.

What is an Inspection?

Simply put, a mold inspection is an assessment of a building in order to determine whether there is mold growth or not. Another goal of mold inspection in Houston is to find out the water problems that have led to the growth of mold indoors. When mold grows indoors, there almost always is a water problem, whether in the past or the present. This is because mold cannot grow without water. The moist, damp environment provides optimum conditions for mold survival, which is why during a mold inspection there is need to determine what water problems there may be in the house.

What does a Mold Inspection entail?

Basically, the professional inspects the entire house for signs of mold growth. They do so with the help of sophisticated equipment like moisture meters and fiber optics. During the inspection, all places should be examined thoroughly- including basements and attics. However, more emphasis should be laid on areas prone to experience water problems, such as beneath sinks and behind water pipes. Additionally, out of sight places such as above ceilings, in air conditioning ducts, behind walls and under floors should also be thoroughly inspected. Other places that show signs of water damage such as warped surfaces and walls with peeling paint also need to be examined for mold growth.

It is impossible to separate mold growth and moisture problems, so when the inspector is looking for mold growth, they will inevitably also be checking for signs of water problems. Once the underlying water problems have been identified, it is important that the problems be solved completely before embarking on mold remediation, otherwise all your mold removal efforts will be an exercise in futility.

When would you need an inspection?

The moment you start seeing mold colonies growing in your house in Houston, you need to promptly carry out mold inspections. This will help you determine the extent of the growth of mold within your house. However, you can suspect mold growth in your house long before the mold becomes a visible nuisance. If your house is pervaded by a musty, moldy smell, you should contact a mold inspection company in Houston. This is because mold growth can be detected by a distinctive, musty odor, even if you cannot see the mold itself. Remember, mold can grow in the most unexpected of places, and it is important that you deal with it before it becomes too much of a bother.

Additionally, when you start developing respiratory complications and allergic reactions due to inexplicable causes, you would be well- advised to have your home in Houston inspected for unwanted mold growth. Moreover, if you have had water problems, like a leaking roof or water pipe, you might want to have the affected areas inspected for mold growth.

What is Mold Testing?

Mold testing refers to the process of analyzing mold in order to determine its exact kind. You can do this yourself once you notice growth of mold in your house, or you can have the mold inspector carry a sample of the mold they find in your house to the laboratory for inspection. If you do it yourself, it is important that you take great care not to disturb the mold colonies. This is because they can easily spread and start growing in a different place. Keep in mind the fact that mold has an astonishingly high growth rate.

One of the most common means of collecting mold for inspection is by tape lifting. It is preferred by many because it doesn’t interfere much with the rest of the mold, and is rather easy to carry out. After you have collected a sample of the mold, send it to a mold testing center in Houston, and you will get an accurate answer of exactly what kind of mold is growing in your house.


If you suspect mold growth in your home, it is important to have your home inspected, and the mold completely removed from your house. But perhaps of greater importance is to have the water problems causing mold growth dealt with permanently in order to prevent recurrence of the mold growth in your Houston house.